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Innovative 9D Virtual Reality Machines in India Arcade

There is no doubt that virtual reality technology is swiftly revolutionizing the entertainment sector. FuninVR, a prominent VR machines provider in China, has recently completed the delivery of a tailored solution to a cutting-edge amusement park in India. This gaming center blends classic attractions such as bouncy castles and trampolines with state-of-the-art VR gaming. This Indian client acquired three …

Fascinating Amusement Park Equipment Await in Guatemala

In today’s rapidly evolving tech market, gaining lasting trust and satisfaction from customers is the coveted goal for any enterprise. Recently, a client from Guatemala once again placed an order with FuninVR for two arcade machines, including VR Racing Moto and VR Dark Mars, marking not only their recognition of FuninVR’s products but also reflecting …

FuninVR Engaged in the Asia Amusement and Attraction Exhibition 2024

FuninVR attended in the Asia Amusement and Attraction Expo from May 10th to 12th, 2024, where it unveiled eight new amusement park equipment: VR Spacewalker, Dome Theater, VR Battle, 360° Rotate Theater, VR Drift Racing, 360° Double Flight VR, NBA BOX and VR Drop Tower 2 Seat. The booth highlighted the company’s robust technological innovations and diverse product offerings, …

Exploring VR Equipment at the 2024 Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo

FuninVR took part in the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo from May 7th to 9th, 2024, and the three-day expo concluded successfully. During the expo, FuninVR exhibited two top-selling VR arcade machines: the Magic FPS Arena and VR Racing Moto. The highly anticipated launch of VR Racing Moto and Magic FPS Arena drew a continuous flow of …

Discovering Entertaining VR Game Simulators in USA

Our American customer, who has been engaged in the VR business since 2018, now owns his third VR experience store. His passion for VR remains strong, demonstrated by his recent purchase of two new VR arcade game machine from FuninVR: the VR Cinema and VR Racing Moto. These devices are now positioned in the mall’s central …

Experience Exciting Amusement Park Rides in Kazakhstan

A customer from Kazakhstan has recently acquired a substantial quantity of VR equipment from FuninVR, which includes VR Mecha, VR Battleship, 360°VR Simulator, VR Fighter Aircraft, Gatling Shooting Simulator, VR Treadmill, VR Racing Kart and VR Racing Moto, which will introduce a fresh and immersive virtual reality experience to all visitors. Through the introduction of these advanced VR machines, the proprietors have …

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