A customer from Kazakhstan has recently acquired a substantial quantity of VR equipment from FuninVR, which includes VR Mecha, VR Battleship, 360°VR Simulator, VR Fighter Aircraft, Gatling Shooting Simulator, VR Treadmill, VR Racing Kart and VR Racing Moto, which will introduce a fresh and immersive virtual reality experience to all visitors.

Through the introduction of these advanced VR machines, the proprietors have crafted an engaging virtual realm that has drawn in a multitude of eager visitors seeking unique experiences. These VR simulators seamlessly integrate within the mall environment and have garnered considerable popularity among patrons. Customers have lauded the pioneering initiatives and top-notch experiences offered by the gaming center, expressing their intention to become regular visitors. Moreover, these cutting-edge VR devices have not only captivated the interest of customers but have also driven heightened patronage and foot traffic to the mall.

Name VR Treadmill
Player 1
Rated Load 100kg
Measured Power 2.3kw
Number of Games 7 Fun-coin games
Product Size 1415*1724*1858mm
Technical Presentation PICO Neo3

Besides, the ongoing advancements and enhancements in VR technology have paved the way for Kazakhstani malls to demonstrate forward-thinking innovation and vision, highlighting fresh avenues for business growth. The fusion of technology, entertainment, and commercial endeavors not only fosters heightened immersion and tailored experiences for clientele but also opens up broader horizons for business opportunities and expansion for merchants.

In the future, with the development and popularization of VR technology, it is believed that Kazakhstani malls will continue to provide more surprising virtual reality experiences, bringing more joy and excitement to customers.

Lastly, we anticipate that more businesses will draw inspiration from the success of Kazakhstani malls, being courageous to explore new technologies and business models, thus delivering additional innovation and delightful surprises to customers. And if you share an interest in VR entertainment as well, please do not hesitate to reach out to FuninVR for further information at your convenience!

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