There are more than 3500+ FuninVR theme parks around the world which spread all over 100 countries on 5 continents and hundreds of cities in first- and second-tier. The "VR+" model has swept the country and 50 million people have been in close contact with VR.

VR Theme Park
According to the location, budget, consumer flow, and customer preferences to divide several amusement areas. Put the diversified VR equipment according to performance, popularity, and customer stickiness in the scientific combine. We will help franchisees to build a one-stop VR theme park from 0 to achieve diversified profit.

VR Cultural and Tourism

The large-scale VR experience project combining scenic spots and virtual reality brings a new experience to traditional scenic spots and a lot of attention. VR is injected into tourist attractions as a new element, creating huge value for the scenic spots.

Dynamic Cinema

It brings franchisees an incredibly efficient customer transaction with the innovation operation model of VR+ big-scale cinema. The rich operation models include the fixed shop cinema, mobile cinema, outdoor board house cinema, etc. The flexible setup meets all kinds of franchisees’ demands.

VR Popular Science

It equipped dozens of VR equipment and divided into six popular science series, covering aerospace series, safety education series, marine science series, party-building series, extreme sports series, and military competition series, to meet different groups’ popular science research needs.

Profit Analysis Report of VR Theme Park

High Roi, Low Invest with High Return In A Short Period, One of The Best Investments Nowadays. Which Is Worth Trying, The Earlier in, The More Successful Will Be
  • 30m²
  • 60m²
  • 100m²
  • 200m²
  • 600m²


Classic Cases

Before you start the VR business, you want to experience the VR games and check the machine quality on personal? However, due to covid-2019 affection, it’s difficult to visit the factory countries? FuninVR is a high-tech innovative enterprise running through the whole industry chain of creativity, R & D, content, production, sales, operation, and service. We have more than 3500 professional customers in more than 100 countries and cities on 5 continents. You can experience FuninVR games and check quality at anytime and any location.

Professional & Profitable Start-Up Guarantee

We have a professional operation team, that will hold operation training twice a year. As so far were successfully held 6 sessions, service for more than 400 franchises. In the early stage, professional and free store opening guidelines will be provided, such as store location, product matching, decoration design, etc., so that newcomers in the industry can easily open stores. After the store opens, it will also provide customers with marketing guidelines, holiday poster planning, and other activities. Besides, we will provide game updates and after-sales support in a timely to solve customers’ worries.

Program Design

Skills Training

Operation College

7*24 Hours Service

Continuously Updated The Latest and Most Popular VR Games

Unlike other companies, most of our movies are developed by our won R&D team, with high-definition picture quality and engaging plots. FuninVR wholly-owned 3 content teams and investment in 7 content companies, a total of 200 people, vigorously develop copyright content.  That ensure us to update the games to customers timely, which means customers can keep the stickiness with the consumers and increasing sales.

Excellent Quality Assurance

All hardware use famous brand, from sheet metal to reducer and socket. For example, the sheet metal is 1.5 times thickness compare with other factories, the bottom of the machine is more stable without safety issue. The socket is use Bull brand, the cost of wires is about 0.78USD per meter. Each produce step with a specific person, responsible for every detail. QC department to make sure all machines are good in quality and fine in appearance. If one machine does not meet the quality standard, the factory manager would not sign the permission to deliver out.

Efficient After-sale Service Guarantee

We will set up a 5-to-1 after-sale service group for each deal-concluded customer, which is composed of our operation director, after-sale customer service executive, after-sale technician, sales manager, and sales director to guarantee the service of each store, to ensure that when the customer can’t contact the sales manager and after-sale technician, the backup personnel can follow up in time, and monitor the timeliness of the services.

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  • We manufacture the full set VR Simulator, 5D cinema, 7D Cinema, 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator.

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