FuninVR attended in the Asia Amusement and Attraction Expo from May 10th to 12th, 2024, where it unveiled eight new amusement park equipment: VR Spacewalker, Dome Theater, VR Battle, 360° Rotate Theater, VR Drift Racing, 360° Double Flight VR, NBA BOX and VR Drop Tower 2 Seat. The booth highlighted the company’s robust technological innovations and diverse product offerings, drawing significant attention from attendees. Throughout the exhibition, there was a continuous flow of visitors at the booth, actively experiencing FuninVR’s game machines.

In addition to presenting our products and drawing in customers, the FuninVR team actively participated in in-depth discussions and collaborations with industry colleagues, partners, and prospective investors during the exhibition. They exchanged perspectives on virtual reality technology advancements, market outlooks, and innovative applications, exploring potential partnerships and outlining future growth strategies with attendees.

By leveraging this platform, FuninVR has not only deepened our collaboration with industry partners but also broadened our brand visibility and industry acclaim. This will bolster the company’s competitive edge and brand equity in the market, establishing a robust groundwork for future market growth.

The achievement of this exhibition owes much to the backing and confidence of our new and loyal clientele, inspiring the FuninVR team to persist in our endeavors. We are committed to furthering technological innovation, refining product offerings, and enriching user experiences, aiming to deliver more excitement and enjoyment to our users. Concurrently, we remain attentive to user feedback, continuously enhancing and refining our VR game simulators and 5D 7D Cinemas to meet evolving user demands and expectations.

Anticipating a future where FuninVR can achieve its goal of enabling as more as people to enjoy the thrill and excitement of virtual reality games. By the way, if you share an interest in VR business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details. We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming IAAPA EXPO ASIA 2024 in Thailand!

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