Our American customer, who has been engaged in the VR business since 2018, now owns his third VR experience store. His passion for VR remains strong, demonstrated by his recent purchase of two new VR arcade game machine from FuninVR: the VR Cinema and VR Racing Moto. These devices are now positioned in the mall’s central atrium.

Once again, our client’s initiatives underscore the retail potential of VR. By strategically situating VR equipment at the heart of the mall, not only does it command attention, but it also drives increased foot traffic and sales prospects for businesses. The VR Cinema provides an immersive cinematic escapade, transporting participants into the heart of the storyline; meanwhile, the VR Racing Moto caters to the adrenaline-fueled desires of racing aficionados, offering them the exhilarating experience of high-speed virtual races.

Name VR Racing Moto
Player 1
Weight 290 kg
Helmet Deepoon E3
Measured Power 0.7 kw
Rated Load 150 kg
Product Size 2128*860*2027 mm
Number of Games VR 6 +1 Fun-coin game

As technology progresses and the desire for immersive game experiences expands, the adoption of VR in commercial settings will continue to surge. Whether it’s immersive cinematic adventures or heart-pounding racing competitions, both offer participants fresh sensory delights and gaming thrills.

In this era where virtuality intertwines with reality, with the increasing maturity of VR technology and the continuous upgrade of hardware devices, people’s demand for virtual reality is gradually rising. Businesses are actively exploring the application of VR technology in retail, entertainment, and other fields to enhance user experience and increase business appeal. And this client’s actions have injected new vitality into this trend.

Finally, if you’re also interested in venturing into the VR entertainment industry, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further details!

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