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A New Opening 9D Simulator VR Experience Store in Russia

A Russian customer placed an order for 4 VR simulators from FuninVR, including VR Racing Moto, VR Racing Kart, VR Flighter Aircraft, and FPS Arena. The customer requested the lights to be customized with a red color to enhance the visual appeal and create a more realistic gaming environment for players. And the introduction of these …

Small Business with VR Equipment in South African Mall

In a South African mall, a Star Twin Seat VR device from FuninVR became the center of attention. This case proves that even with only one device, as long as the location is good enough, small investment and small equipment can also bring substantial profit opportunities. VR, as an emerging technology, has gradually penetrated into …

The 7th FuninVR Operational Training has Concluded with Great Success

The Operational Training is based on the concept of “openness, sharing, growth, and win-win”, closely following the industry trends and regularly conducting operational training. The course content is designed to solve practical difficulties encountered in offline VR rides operations, helping operators to start and run successful stores, and replicate successful experiences to achieve sustainable profits. On November 9th, …

Zhuoyuan’s VR Sports System Honored in 2023 VR Application Case List

Good news! Zhuoyuan is listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s 2023 Virtual Reality Vanguard Application Case List! Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “2023 Virtual Reality Vanguard Application Case List”, which includes 70 cases in 11 fields, covering industrial production, cultural tourism, integrated media, education and training, sports, …

FuninVR Stunned at 2023 IAAPA Expo Europe in Austria

From September 26th to 28th, 2023, FuninVR showcased three impressive VR game simulators at the recent IAAPA Expo Europe. The expo took place in Austria, and FuninVR’s presence undoubtedly became a major highlight of the event. FuninVR had carefully prepared a variety of exciting and fun devices to provide unique virtual reality experiences. Among them was …

Latest VR Game Published Shine in GTI Exhibition

Latest VR Game Published Shine in GTI Exhibition Here it comes! In everyone’s expectation. Guangzhou GTI Exhibition was grandly opened at  3rd Nov. As the top VR gaming and amusement industry exhibition in Asia area. The theme of this exhibition is “The Future Concept Museum of Cultural Tourism Industry”. Attracted a lot of people to …

Zhuoyuan VR Machine Appeared at the Hangzhou Copyright Expo

Zhuoyuan VR Machine Appeared at the Hangzhou Copyright Expo It getting cooler with each autumn shower. When entering golden autumn October, the weather is getting colder. But the FuninVR Global Tour Exhibition is burning with ardor. Today we arrived at Hangzhou Station. Hangzhou is where the 8th China International Copyright Expo is held. This edition …

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