In a South African mall, a Star Twin Seat VR device from FuninVR became the center of attention. This case proves that even with only one device, as long as the location is good enough, small investment and small equipment can also bring substantial profit opportunities.

VR, as an emerging technology, has gradually penetrated into people’s daily lives. Its unique immersive experience and innovative interaction methods attract a large number of consumers. Especially in places with high traffic, such as malls, providing VR equipment for customers to try not only adds a touch of technology to the mall, but also attracts more customers to experience it.

However, for businesses that have just entered the VR market, cost and investment may be a daunting issue. But the case of South African mall tells us that even with only one VR machine, as long as the location is chosen correctly, profit can be achieved.

Location selection is one of the keys to success. Businesses should choose high traffic areas with attractive features, such as core locations of the mall, nearby entertainment areas, or places where various crowds gather. This can maximize the attraction of potential customers and enable them to see the appeal of VR rides at any time.

Small investment and small equipment do not mean lack of profitability. Businesses can choose Virtual Reality simulator that fits their budget, such as FuninVR’s Star Twin Seat VR. This device not only has stable performance and good user experience, but also has a double-seat design that can expand the customer flow. With reasonable pricing and attractive promotion activities, businesses can increase device utilization and achieve profitability.

The successful case of the South African mall shows us a feasible path from small investment and small equipment to achieving profitability. The desire of contemporary consumers for technological and innovative experiences makes the VR market full of potentials. If you’re interested in VR Business, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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