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The 7th FuninVR Operational Training has Concluded with Great Success

The Operational Training is based on the concept of “openness, sharing, growth, and win-win”, closely following the industry trends and regularly conducting operational training. The course content is designed to solve practical difficulties encountered in offline VR rides operations, helping operators to start and run successful stores, and replicate successful experiences to achieve sustainable profits. On November 9th, …

Funny 9D Virtual Reality Chair in South Africa

Funny 9D Virtual Reality Chair in South Africa 9D VR is exciting to announce the launching of the new entertainment era in South Africa. The latest virtual reality games in South Arica. Come and enjoy these amazing FuninVR games in Cradle Store Mall! Virtual Reality 9D VR for amusement life Thanks to tremendous advancements in …

FuninVR ‘S 2020 Asia VR&AR Expo in GuangZhou

2020 Asia VR&AR Expo is a global exhibition that will cover all areas of attraction industry including VR, AR, interactive media, games, children’s amusement, and so on. At the grand opening of the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall, FuninVR brought a new Products . It’s really hard to tell which device is …

Hot Sale VR Simulator 9d VR Simulator in Pakistan

During the May day holiday, with more than 30 degree high temperature, many people in the village came to my places to experience my new project, a new opening 9d simulator. This machine is from China’s FuninVR company, and it surprised me a lot that it attracted so many people and make a good profit. …

9d VR business rise in China

Wear VR glasses, hold the handle, screaming, like living in another amazing world! Now VR technology has become a popular way for young people. Whether you are a worker, an engineer, or a boss, you can easily make VR business. As our Chinese saying goes:”the pig can float in the mouth of the wind”. With …

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