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FuninVR Takes the VR Experience to New Heights at 2023 Canton Fair

FuninVR, a leading innovator in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry, has taken center stage at the Canton Fair. There are 3 VR game simulators showcased at the exhibition, 360 Double Flight VR, VR Racing Moto and VR Hoverboard. With the booth overflowing with excited visitors, FuninVR has become the go-to destination for experiencing the latest VR …

Zhuoyuan’s VR Sports System Honored in 2023 VR Application Case List

Good news! Zhuoyuan is listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s 2023 Virtual Reality Vanguard Application Case List! Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “2023 Virtual Reality Vanguard Application Case List”, which includes 70 cases in 11 fields, covering industrial production, cultural tourism, integrated media, education and training, sports, …

FuninVR Stunned at 2023 IAAPA Expo Europe in Austria

From September 26th to 28th, 2023, FuninVR showcased three impressive VR game simulators at the recent IAAPA Expo Europe. The expo took place in Austria, and FuninVR’s presence undoubtedly became a major highlight of the event. FuninVR had carefully prepared a variety of exciting and fun devices to provide unique virtual reality experiences. Among them was …

9D Eagle Flight VR Game Simulator In Brazil

9D Eagle Flight VR Game Simulator In Brazil  Our Brazil customer, the VR simulators for your VR knowledge center is manufactured out of our firm. Mr. Maikow book a place for a mall to begin his VR business. Let ‘s verify what machines the person owned. Eagle air travel VR*3 sets: timeless and popular version in the market place for many years ! And mainly target on games the same as extreme sports, flying flights, mech conflicts, etc. 720 level VR simulator*1 placed: this model features mainly focused in flight and filming games has some VR version and screen version  pertaining to your choice. Phalic shaped VR*2 sets: the idea is mainly targeted on games just like roller coasters, drivings, earthquakes, and many others . Theplay technique  can be standing on the machine as well as to knowledge dynamic games just like roller coasters to feeling weightlessness! VR war machine*1 set in place : this machine can be mainly to take up shooting games, pertaining to example, “Cargo Cult” “Zombie Town”  “Can Boom VR” and so on .

360 degrees VR cinema from Tanzania

360 degrees VR cinema from Tanzania  Customer opened his own VR park with FuninVR device. Let ‘s find what kind of VR unit they purchased. VR racing moto may be one of popular VR machine. The total kind appears like a genuine moto. Seat layout is ergonomic, suited not only pertaining to men and women but even for children, then it could attract an array  of consumers. VR movie theatre: VR cinema features 4 seats, the dimensions only about your five square meters, and so it can enter into the VR area easily,  what ‘s extra, 4 seats may possibly let 4 avid gamers play game as well, which could gain 4x profits pertaining to one time. Matching to local ingestion, Tanzania customer placed single ticket selling price as 2USD/ time, if perhaps there is over 5 people, then many people can enjoy person discount. This is one of charge method, what exactly accomplish you imagine roughly? 

VR theme park in Italy

VR theme park in Italy This VR theme park is located in Gaming Hall Miss America in  Italy. Miss America VR  theme park was opened in June, 2021. Our Italian customer let his friend came to FuninVR factory and headquarter for experience game and check quality. VR racing moto*2:This moto support two player races. VR gatling:Why …

Germany Virtual Reality World multiplayer game

VR multiplayer arcade devices and interesting videos support friends or family members to experience together, which can add more topics. We have Germany agent who can help you get VR machine,so our agent’s customer get their machine and open VR World store in Germany. 360 degrees VR simulator: This product could rotate 360 degrees when …

Seats 9D VR Make Visakha Enterprises profitable in India

Seats 9D VR Make Visakha Enterprises profitable in India We start to cooperate with Visakha Enterprises in 2017. In our early cooperation stage, they purchased our first version 6 seats 9D VR, eagle flight VR, 720-degree flight simulator. They were the first batch of VR experience stores in the local area, and it attracted much attention …

How Exciting When VR Enters The Mexico Museum

How Exciting When VR Enters The Mexico Museum Planetario Lunaria (Planetario y Centro Interactivo de Jalisco LUNARIA) as a famous Astronomy Museum in Mexico, they decided to make some update in their museum. The concept of the person in charge of the museum is that it is necessary to keep pace with the times and combine with …

VR Experience Hall In Philippines

VR Experience Hall In Philippines  FuninVR simulators are designed to expand your horizons and turn your world upside down. We want as many people as possible to experience an emotional outburst and adrenaline rush where they dream of going, but don’t have the courage to do so in reality. This is independent of age, height …

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