FuninVR, a leading innovator in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry, has taken center stage at the Canton Fair. There are 3 VR game simulators showcased at the exhibition, 360 Double Flight VR, VR Racing Moto and VR Hoverboard. With the booth overflowing with excited visitors, FuninVR has become the go-to destination for experiencing the latest VR devices.

From October 15 to 19, FuninVR’s booth A1.1I02-03 has become a buzzing hive of activity. A visit to their exhibition area promises an unparalleled and mind-blowing VR experience. With cutting-edge technology and innovative interactive features, FuninVR has pushed the boundaries of virtual immersion, creating an environment that transports visitors into new and exciting realities.

Unleashing Imagination:

With a wide variety of VR machines available, FuninVR caters to all interests and preferences. From adrenaline-pumping virtual roller coasters to breathtaking journeys through fantasy realms, the possibilities are endless. Visitors eagerly line up, eager to delve into these captivating virtual worlds and revel in the sensations that only VR can provide.

Additionally, more than 30 renowned media organizations have formed dedicated teams to cover the event, showcasing the global interest in the latest VR innovations. Journalists, reporters, and influencers from around the world are eager to share their firsthand experiences, further igniting the buzz surrounding the Canton Fair’s VR extravaganza.

Guangzhou has undeniably become the global focal point for the VR industry, with the Canton Fair spearheading innovations and advancements. FuninVR’s presence at the fair solidifies its position as one of the leaders in the field, while also driving partnerships and collaborations that will shape the future of VR technology.

With their booth attracting massive crowds and media attention, FuninVR has become the embodiment of the VR revolution. As visitors continue to queue in anticipation, the Canton Fair provides a platform for FuninVR and other VR pioneers to showcase their latest creations and inspire a new era of immersive experiences. The VR extravaganza in Guangzhou is a testament to the ever-evolving VR industry, and FuninVR stands at the forefront, ready to transport visitors to thrilling virtual dimensions.


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