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Innovative 9D Virtual Reality Machines in India Arcade

There is no doubt that virtual reality technology is swiftly revolutionizing the entertainment sector. FuninVR, a prominent VR machines provider in China, has recently completed the delivery of a tailored solution to a cutting-edge amusement park in India. This gaming center blends classic attractions such as bouncy castles and trampolines with state-of-the-art VR gaming. This Indian client acquired three …

Exploring Stimulating Virtual Reality Machines in Kazakhstan

With the advantage of VR technology, virtual reality has emerged as a frontrunner in the entertainment industry. Within this swiftly evolving sector, FuninVR has garnered considerable attention from clients worldwide, thanks to its cutting-edge devices and top-notch service. Recently, a Kazakhstani client acquired two virtual reality rides: VR Mecha and VR Interstellar. The customer has recently opened a …

Explore Interesting Virtual Reality Simulator in Cambodia

With the development of virtual reality (VR) technology, more and more people are experiencing the excitement of VR gaming, and many see VR as a very promising business opportunity. One of our clients from Cambodia has placed an order for a VR Warship from FuninVR to start his VR business. The VR Warship system is particularly well-suited for …

Zhuoyuan Participated in the China Attractions Expo (CAE) 2024

The China Attractions Expo (CAE), a major exhibition in the international amusement industry, wrapped up its successful run in Beijing from March 20th to 22nd! With over 600 tourism service providers and manufacturers of amusement equipment from across the globe in attendance, the expo featured the latest technologies and drew over 100,000 professional buyers from over …

Experience Fun Through Virtual Reality Rides in Russia

In the bustling corridors of the mall, a new VR experience store has officially opened for business. Setting itself apart, this store has introduced cutting-edge virtual reality simulators from FuninVR, attracting a plethora of customers eager to try them out. The owner of the store from Russia has swiftly purchased three VR devices, including VR Battleship, …

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