The China Attractions Expo (CAE), a major exhibition in the international amusement industry, wrapped up its successful run in Beijing from March 20th to 22nd! With over 600 tourism service providers and manufacturers of amusement equipment from across the globe in attendance, the expo featured the latest technologies and drew over 100,000 professional buyers from over 40 countries and regions.

The expo convened investors, operators, suppliers, and prominent figures from various sectors including China’s foremost theme parks, resorts, scenic areas, water parks, characteristic towns, and rural complexes. This comprehensive assembly held significant ideological, pioneering, and professional importance within the tourism industry, incorporating experts and scholars as well.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd., a key collaborator of CAAPA, unveiled its latest lineup of 9D VR simulators at the expo. Among them were the Magic FPS Arena, VR Magic UFO, VR Hoverboard, VR Fighter Aircraft, 360°Double Flight VR, and VR Drop Tower. Our booth garnered significant attention, drawing in numerous visitors eager to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge virtual reality technology products on display!

Several new products were very well-received as soon as they were unveiled.

Magic FPS Arena: It is a multiplayer arcade machine featuring a classic dark theme accentuated by red and blue lighting. Equipped with an expansive 86-inch ultra-large display and compatibility with various game genres, it enables players to experience the adrenaline rush of battling alongside teammates.

VR Hoverboard: It introduces a novel form of virtual reality mobile interaction, allowing players to maneuver virtual characters’ movement, steering, and acceleration by mimicking the actions of riding a hoverboard. This innovative approach satisfies players’ desire for heightened immersion and minimal motion sickness, freeing their hands for enhanced engagement in virtual gaming. The product has gained popularity among competitive-minded youth seeking novel experiences and immersive gameplay.

360°Double Flight VR: It presents a dual-person, 360°rotating amusement park equipment characterized by its sleek black and white sheet metal design, complemented by dynamic tech-blue lighting effects. Delivering an immersive, exhilarating, and enjoyable entertainment experience, whether deployed as a store attraction or personal entertainment device, it has quickly become an essential choice for consumers seeking stimulating virtual experiences.

The China Attractions Expo serves as a pivotal showcase and networking hub for the global amusement equipment industry, facilitating collaboration between manufacturers and service providers while offering attendees insight into cutting-edge technologies.

FuninVR’s booth garnered significant attention, drawing crowds of onlookers and prompting numerous merchants to place orders on-site. These spontaneous transactions not only underscore the allure of Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality’s innovations but also underscore the influential role of the China Attractions Expo in fostering international exchange within the tourism sector.

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