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Indulge in the Newly Launched Virtual Reality Park in Russia

FuninVR recently received an order from one of our clients based in Russia, which includes a VR Marines setup, VR Racing Moto, and VR Battleship. Despite having a newly opened store and a relatively small venue, this amusement park has quickly gained popularity and has garnered interest amongst consumers. Thanks to advancing technology, the global …

Small Business with VR Equipment in South African Mall

In a South African mall, a Star Twin Seat VR device from FuninVR became the center of attention. This case proves that even with only one device, as long as the location is good enough, small investment and small equipment can also bring substantial profit opportunities. VR, as an emerging technology, has gradually penetrated into …

Zhuoyuan’s VR Sports System Honored in 2023 VR Application Case List

Good news! Zhuoyuan is listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s 2023 Virtual Reality Vanguard Application Case List! Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “2023 Virtual Reality Vanguard Application Case List”, which includes 70 cases in 11 fields, covering industrial production, cultural tourism, integrated media, education and training, sports, …

VR Racing Moto launched in South Korea

VR Racing Moto launched in South Korea Nowadays, museum exhibition has become a popular attraction for tourists. One of our customers from South Korea had ordered three VR simulators named VR Racing Moto from FuninVR to provide visitors with a new and exciting entertainment experience. Metaverse Amusement Rides With these Virtual Reality Machines, visitors can …

Funny 9D Virtual Reality Chair in South Africa

Funny 9D Virtual Reality Chair in South Africa 9D VR is exciting to announce the launching of the new entertainment era in South Africa. The latest virtual reality games in South Arica. Come and enjoy these amazing FuninVR games in Cradle Store Mall! Virtual Reality 9D VR for amusement life Thanks to tremendous advancements in …

FuninVR in Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition 2023

FuninVR in Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition 2023 Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates as scheduled on 14-16th March,2023. If you operate family entertainment centers, theme parks, water parks, edutainment centers, children’s play areas and other amusement industries, then you can come to the …

When VR Shopping Mall Opened In India

When VR Shopping Mall Opened In India More than 3,500 experience stores are spread across more than 100 countries as well as first, second, and third-tier cities worldwide thanks to FuninVR. FuninVR classic model products, popular models, a variety of styles, small operating spaces, suitable for spaces 20 to 100 m2, and products that can be freely …

VR Machine Business Earn More Money

VR Machine Business Earn More Money A variety of super-supports games called VR are typically designed to closely mimic elements of your real-world or fictional world. These include simulators for entertainment, cars, trains, and a variety of other fantastic, breathtaking experiences! What a huge location, undoubtedly one of the Middle East VR amusement parks owned by FuninVR! Our VR businessman typically comes in three designs: one in particular. An arena-based VR company that rents out pre-loaded VR equipment and provides the general public with a VR experience. 2. Providers from VR services and products some other businesses where it is possible to sell/ rent VR products and/ or providers to other businesses. 3. Structured on the utilization of VR to handle well- liked science activities. Palestine customer is supposed to be to first VR businessman, that they rent a large venue during Palestine and open for their very own consumers, that they sell admission and earn profits.

9D Eagle Flight VR Game Simulator In Brazil

9D Eagle Flight VR Game Simulator In Brazil  Our Brazil customer, the VR simulators for your VR knowledge center is manufactured out of our firm. Mr. Maikow book a place for a mall to begin his VR business. Let ‘s verify what machines the person owned. Eagle air travel VR*3 sets: timeless and popular version in the market place for many years ! And mainly target on games the same as extreme sports, flying flights, mech conflicts, etc. 720 level VR simulator*1 placed: this model features mainly focused in flight and filming games has some VR version and screen version  pertaining to your choice. Phalic shaped VR*2 sets: the idea is mainly targeted on games just like roller coasters, drivings, earthquakes, and many others . Theplay technique  can be standing on the machine as well as to knowledge dynamic games just like roller coasters to feeling weightlessness! VR war machine*1 set in place : this machine can be mainly to take up shooting games, pertaining to example, “Cargo Cult” “Zombie Town”  “Can Boom VR” and so on .

Seats 9D VR Make Visakha Enterprises profitable in India

Seats 9D VR Make Visakha Enterprises profitable in India We start to cooperate with Visakha Enterprises in 2017. In our early cooperation stage, they purchased our first version 6 seats 9D VR, eagle flight VR, 720-degree flight simulator. They were the first batch of VR experience stores in the local area, and it attracted much attention …

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