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FuninVR Takes the VR Experience to New Heights at 2023 Canton Fair

FuninVR, a leading innovator in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry, has taken center stage at the Canton Fair. There are 3 VR game simulators showcased at the exhibition, 360 Double Flight VR, VR Racing Moto and VR Hoverboard. With the booth overflowing with excited visitors, FuninVR has become the go-to destination for experiencing the latest VR …

vr simulator factory business become prosperous in Spain

Nowadays, high- tech technology has become a tendency in the society. Here I want to introduce my cooperation partner Zhuoyuan which is one of the most famous and well-known vr simulator factories and suppliers in China. I started this business since when I am a boss in a clothing store, finding that my clothing store …

9d VR business rise in China

Wear VR glasses, hold the handle, screaming, like living in another amazing world! Now VR technology has become a popular way for young people. Whether you are a worker, an engineer, or a boss, you can easily make VR business. As our Chinese saying goes:”the pig can float in the mouth of the wind”. With …

Funin 9d VR egg simulator in Canada

Oh my god! Is there anything attra cting the kids in the photo? A long queue is shown in a Canada exhibition hall. A staff from China FuninVR was explaining the funny thing to the kids, and their face filled with joy. They can’t wait to experience this VR egg, Parents was happy to see …

Perfect Cooperation With FuninVR 9d VR Dark Mars Simulator

Having received the goods and after the deal was done, what impressed me the most is the service attitude of Zhuoyuan. FuininVR is a well-known brand and do business for domestic market and oversea market. With high quality, their product are really attractive to the customers. I have successfully opened my venue for 30 days, and the profit …

9d Virtual Reality simulator in Norway

Hey, guys! My name is  Anthony and I lived in Norway, I used to be a fashion and leisure department store owner in modern activity center. But my business is unsatisfactory year after year. I am considering changing my profession form retail to  entertainment. Hearing the advice from my friends, he recommended me a emerging …

9d VR motor simulator in Bangladesh

I’m from Bangladesh, my name is Ben. I owned my game entertainment machine in a center in Bangladesh. In order to increase my profit, I was on website on 8th December 2019 Searching for the advanced equipment. After searching, I fofound the undund the popular thing called VR. A China’s better product suppliers in foreign …

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