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Virtual Reality Game Zone In Vietnam

Virtual Reality Game Zone In Vietnam  We would like to introduce you one of FuninVR customer — Flamingoresorts, which established in 1996, first with HanoiRedtours – one of the top 10 Travel Agencies in Vietnam, Flamingo Group has been constantly developing with exponential growth in a multitude of industries: leisure real estate, tourism, hospitality services, …

9D Eagle Flight VR Game Simulator In Brazil

9D Eagle Flight VR Game Simulator In Brazil  Our Brazil customer, the VR simulators for your VR knowledge center is manufactured out of our firm. Mr. Maikow book a place for a mall to begin his VR business. Let ‘s verify what machines the person owned. Eagle air travel VR*3 sets: timeless and popular version in the market place for many years ! And mainly target on games the same as extreme sports, flying flights, mech conflicts, etc. 720 level VR simulator*1 placed: this model features mainly focused in flight and filming games has some VR version and screen version  pertaining to your choice. Phalic shaped VR*2 sets: the idea is mainly targeted on games just like roller coasters, drivings, earthquakes, and many others . Theplay technique  can be standing on the machine as well as to knowledge dynamic games just like roller coasters to feeling weightlessness! VR war machine*1 set in place : this machine can be mainly to take up shooting games, pertaining to example, “Cargo Cult” “Zombie Town”  “Can Boom VR” and so on .

Seats 9D VR Make Visakha Enterprises profitable in India

Seats 9D VR Make Visakha Enterprises profitable in India We start to cooperate with Visakha Enterprises in 2017. In our early cooperation stage, they purchased our first version 6 seats 9D VR, eagle flight VR, 720-degree flight simulator. They were the first batch of VR experience stores in the local area, and it attracted much attention …

VR Experience Hall In Philippines

VR Experience Hall In Philippines  FuninVR simulators are designed to expand your horizons and turn your world upside down. We want as many people as possible to experience an emotional outburst and adrenaline rush where they dream of going, but don’t have the courage to do so in reality. This is independent of age, height …

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