VR Center With 5 Hot VR machines In Brazil How many years do you think the VR machines can work? The lifetime of the VR machine is related to different factors. And one of the main factors is the technology that the machine use. In the market, there are two different techniques that the motion platform adopted. One is the electric cylinder, other is electric crank technology. According to the research, the electric cylinder’s lifetime is about 20000 hours, which is about 2.5 years. While the lifetime of the electric crank technology is at least 7-8 years. Here we have a case, our Brazil customer, the VR simulators in his VR experience center is produced from our factory. As of so far, those machines are working for 4 years, but still working well and have been bringing profit to him all the time. He told us that he is happy to have those machines. Mr. Maikow rent a place in a shopping center to start his VR business. Let’s check what machines he owned. Eagle flight VR*3 sets: the classic and popular model in the market for many years! And mainly focus on games like extreme sports, aviation flights, mech wars, etc. Man-machine integration with high coordination. Exciting and immersive experience feeling. 720 degree VR simulator*1 set: this model has mainly focused on flight and shooting games has a VR version and screen version for your choice. Originally combine horizontal 360°+ vertical 360° to create a new flight motion simulation trajectory! Vibrating VR*2 sets: this model is mainly focused on games like roller coasters, drivings, earthquakes, and so on. The play method is standing on the machine and to experience dynamic games like roller coasters to feeling weightlessness! Small size is convenient for you to change business location. VR war machine*1 set: this machine is mainly to play shooting games, for example, “Cargo Cult” “Zombie Town” “Can Boom VR” and so on. The player can enjoy an immersive shooting experience in the virtual reality world.   If you are interested in starting your VR business, welcome to contact us with any questions.

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