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Exciting virtual reality experiences in the US

Exciting virtual reality experiences in the US A young American was ecstatic when he stumbled upon the VR racing moto in the VR park built by our client.He had always been an avid fan of motor racing and was intrigued by the virtual reality aspect of the product. The VR Racing Moto quickly became their …

American Client Chooses FuninVR For Commercial Use

American Client Chooses FuninVR For Commercial Use An American client recently purchased VR Racing Moto and Star Twin Seat VR for their VR park.The customer was impressed by the level of immersion and entertainment they offered, and decided to purchase them for Commercial use. Star Twin Seat VR is a 2 seats VR ride that …

FuninVR Creates VR Amusement Park For Kazakhstan

FuninVR Creates VR Amusement Park For Kazakhstan The customer, a popular amusement park in Kazakhstan, wanted to enhance their visitors’ experience by adding a virtual reality ride to their lineup of attractions. The VR experience was met with great enthusiasm by the amusement park’s visitors, who were thrilled by the sense of speed and freedom …

What is FuninVR

FuninVR is a leading provider of virtual reality (VR)  equipment and solutions, with a focus on creating immersive and engaging VR experiences for entertainment, education, and training. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with additional offices and facilities in the United States, Europe, and other parts of Asia. The …

FuninVR Attend The 44th Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition For the First Time in 2023

FuninVR Attend The 44th Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition For the First Time in 2023 GFE has been such a sensation all over the world! This year, GFE carry out strong development with many high-quality participating brands, and set up multiple popular entrepreneurial franchise tracks. As a leading manufacturer of professional VR equipment in China, FuninVR …

When VR Shopping Mall Opened In India

When VR Shopping Mall Opened In India More than 3,500 experience stores are spread across more than 100 countries as well as first, second, and third-tier cities worldwide thanks to FuninVR. FuninVR classic model products, popular models, a variety of styles, small operating spaces, suitable for spaces 20 to 100 m2, and products that can be freely …

360 degrees VR cinema from Tanzania

360 degrees VR cinema from Tanzania  Customer opened his own VR park with FuninVR device. Let ‘s find what kind of VR unit they purchased. VR racing moto may be one of popular VR machine. The total kind appears like a genuine moto. Seat layout is ergonomic, suited not only pertaining to men and women but even for children, then it could attract an array  of consumers. VR movie theatre: VR cinema features 4 seats, the dimensions only about your five square meters, and so it can enter into the VR area easily,  what ‘s extra, 4 seats may possibly let 4 avid gamers play game as well, which could gain 4x profits pertaining to one time. Matching to local ingestion, Tanzania customer placed single ticket selling price as 2USD/ time, if perhaps there is over 5 people, then many people can enjoy person discount. This is one of charge method, what exactly accomplish you imagine roughly? 

VR theme park in Italy

VR theme park in Italy This VR theme park is located in Gaming Hall Miss America in  Italy. Miss America VR  theme park was opened in June, 2021. Our Italian customer let his friend came to FuninVR factory and headquarter for experience game and check quality. VR racing moto*2:This moto support two player races. VR gatling:Why …

9D Game Machines Ninja Park in Belgium

9D Game Machines Ninja Park in Belgium 1. Brief Introduction It’s not an easy start for Ninja Park to start their business. They were planned to open the park on March, 6th. However, there come the covid-2019, and they have to postpone it. Even in that hard 2020, they were not considering dropping this business. …

7D Cinema /VR arcade games Build In Michigan

7D Cinema /VR arcade games Build In Michigan Fun ZoneZ is a dinosaur themed family fun entertainment center providing activities for all ages to enjoy while creating memories! You will have an unforgettable experience with interactive arcade games, laser tag, play structure and virtual reality attractions. We start cooperate with Fun ZoneZ at March, 2019 …

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