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Enjoy Endless Fun with Virtual Reality Machines in Mexico

In a busy shopping center in Mexico, a variety of immersive VR simulators are rapidly drawing in a significant number of visitors. From VR Warship to VR Racing Kart and VR Racing Moto, these gadgets offer patrons not only unparalleled thrills and enjoyment but also contribute to the continuous flow of foot traffic and the expansion …

Experience Thrilling VR Arcade Machines in Russia

FuninVR recently received a visit from a Russian client who displayed significant interest and satisfaction with our VR game machines. He gave high acclaim to the quality and gaming experience offered by the devices, and then bought 3 amusement equipment in a single transaction. This positive feedback has helped to establish a strong reputation for our products in the …

Children Fun Park with Novel VR Gaming Simulator in Indonesia

Lately, an Indonesian children’s fun park has incorporated FuninVR’s VR Dark Mars gaming machine, introducing a fresh entertainment experience to the young visitors. This addition not only enhances the fun factor of the park but also broadens the entertainment options available to children. VR Dark Mars is an exciting amusement equipment that seamlessly integrates virtual …

New Virtual Reality Indoor Playground Opening in China

A recently opened VR experience store in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, China, has quickly gained immense popularity. The store offers a wide range of thrilling VR equipment, such as VR Magic UFO, VR Drop Tower, VR Racing Moto, VR Marines, Snipe Warrior, and 360°VR Simulator. These exhilarating VR simulators transport visitors to a different world, providing …

Newest Amusement VR Machine Magic UFO in Belgium

Newest Amusement VR Machine Magic UFO in Belgium We are delighted for the launch of the latest game simulator, VR Magic UFO, in a shopping mall in Belgium. The VR Magic UFO is a next-generation virtual reality experience, offering young and old visitors to the mall an unforgettable, thrilling gaming experience. VR Metaverse Equipment The VR Magic …

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