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Newly Amusement Park Rides at 2024 IAAPA Expo Asia in Bangkok

FuninVR took part in the IAAPA Expo Asia in Thailand from May 28th to 30th, presenting two VR rides: the 360° VR Simulator and VR Battleship. Throughout the exhibition, numerous attendees voiced their appreciation for FuninVR’s offerings. Both grown-ups and kids commended our equipment and games for being exceptionally enjoyable, delivering an amazing VR experience. During …

Trying to Find a VR Gaming Center for Fun in India

An Indian client made an impressive addition to his fun center recently by incorporating a range of virtual reality equipment. These cutting-edge devices, purchased from FuninVR, have provided children with an immersive gaming experience. The center has quickly gained popularity among young audiences due to the customer’s astute understanding of the fiercely competitive entertainment industry. By embracing the latest …

VR Amusement Park in Dubai Achieves Huge Success

VR Amusement Park in Dubai Achieves Huge Success A customer of our FuninVR from India opened a unique VR experience store in the United Arab Emirates, located in the Burjuman mall in Dubai, which is an ideal location. Burjuman mall is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Dubai, attracting tourists and shoppers from …

Newest Amusement VR Machine Magic UFO in Belgium

Newest Amusement VR Machine Magic UFO in Belgium We are delighted for the launch of the latest game simulator, VR Magic UFO, in a shopping mall in Belgium. The VR Magic UFO is a next-generation virtual reality experience, offering young and old visitors to the mall an unforgettable, thrilling gaming experience. VR Metaverse Equipment The VR Magic …

Exciting virtual reality experiences in the US

Exciting virtual reality experiences in the US A young American was ecstatic when he stumbled upon the VR racing moto in the VR park built by our client.He had always been an avid fan of motor racing and was intrigued by the virtual reality aspect of the product. The VR Racing Moto quickly became their …

American Client Chooses FuninVR For Commercial Use

American Client Chooses FuninVR For Commercial Use An American client recently purchased VR Racing Moto and Star Twin Seat VR for their VR park.The customer was impressed by the level of immersion and entertainment they offered, and decided to purchase them for Commercial use. Star Twin Seat VR is a 2 seats VR ride that …

Enjoy Virtual Reality Game in Germany VR Zone

Enjoy Virtual Reality Game in Germany VR Zone If you don’t know where could enjoy fun when you are free, then you can take VR ZONE into consideration. VR Zone was opened in German shopping mall , people not only can shop here, but also play VR game. Of course, as a businessman who has …

Enjoy Your VR Tour In Malta

Enjoy Your VR Tour In Malta Malta customer purchase 6 seats VR dark mars*1, VR racing moto*2. Recently they received goods and put these machine on Christmas Village. This spot has lots of tourists, many people is curious about VR machine and try it so many times. This VR experience point is located next to …

When VR Shopping Mall Opened In India

When VR Shopping Mall Opened In India More than 3,500 experience stores are spread across more than 100 countries as well as first, second, and third-tier cities worldwide thanks to FuninVR. FuninVR classic model products, popular models, a variety of styles, small operating spaces, suitable for spaces 20 to 100 m2, and products that can be freely …

VR Machine Business Earn More Money

VR Machine Business Earn More Money A variety of super-supports games called VR are typically designed to closely mimic elements of your real-world or fictional world. These include simulators for entertainment, cars, trains, and a variety of other fantastic, breathtaking experiences! What a huge location, undoubtedly one of the Middle East VR amusement parks owned by FuninVR! Our VR businessman typically comes in three designs: one in particular. An arena-based VR company that rents out pre-loaded VR equipment and provides the general public with a VR experience. 2. Providers from VR services and products some other businesses where it is possible to sell/ rent VR products and/ or providers to other businesses. 3. Structured on the utilization of VR to handle well- liked science activities. Palestine customer is supposed to be to first VR businessman, that they rent a large venue during Palestine and open for their very own consumers, that they sell admission and earn profits.

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