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9d VR business rise in China

Wear VR glasses, hold the handle, screaming, like living in another amazing world! Now VR technology has become a popular way for young people. Whether you are a worker, an engineer, or a boss, you can easily make VR business. As our Chinese saying goes:”the pig can float in the mouth of the wind”. With …

Story of 9d VR DARK MARS Simulator and one of its holder

Ladies and gentleman! Here is Zhuoyuan company, we are now introducing our popular product, the 9d VR DARK MARS simulator. It has 6 seats,and has wind, sweeping leg, button vibration, various special effect to provide more realistic experience. What’s more,The 9d VR Simulator not only solves the problem of 5D/7D cinema traditional storefronts and fixed …

Funin 9d VR egg simulator in Canada

Oh my god! Is there anything attra cting the kids in the photo? A long queue is shown in a Canada exhibition hall. A staff from China FuninVR was explaining the funny thing to the kids, and their face filled with joy. They can’t wait to experience this VR egg, Parents was happy to see …

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