During the 135th Canton Fair from April 15th-19th, FuninVR showcased its latest products, the 360°Double Flight VR and VR Drift Racing, which garnered significant interest and accolades from attendees. The VR gaming simulators drew long queues of visitors eager to try them out, with many expressing admiration for the quality of our products.

Our booth at the 135th Canton Fair was a major hit, with over a dozen media outlets covering and interviewing us. The media lauded our cutting-edge products, acknowledging the advanced technology and creative ideas within the VR industry. Through this fair, FuninVR effectively demonstrated our expertise and appeal in the VR equipment sector, earning broad recognition and applause.

At the 135th Canton Fair, FuninVR showcased its impressive expertise and creative prowess in the virtual reality industry. The latest VR simulators, 360°Double Flight VR and VR Drift Racing, garnered extensive praise at the event, offering visitors an immersive and thrilling experience that ignited their enthusiasm and curiosity for virtual reality technology.

360°Double Flight VR delivered a captivating flying experience, immersing players in the sensation of soaring through the sky and feeling the rush of high altitudes. On the flip side, VR Drift Racing offered an adrenaline-pumping adventure of high-speed racing, giving players a taste of the excitement and skill required of real race drivers on a virtual track. The inclusion of these two products not only enhanced the diversity of virtual reality gaming content, but also left attendees with a lasting impression and memorable experience.

Through our presence at the Canton Fair, FuninVR has seized numerous opportunities to showcase our products and brand, reaching into fresh markets and engaging with diverse customer segments. We are committed to further enhancing the quality of our products and services, ensuring users access enhanced VR experiences that bring joy and innovation to a wider audience. FuninVR is dedicated to making virtual reality a source of entertainment and delight for all.

Looking forward to FuninVR having more wonderful performances and achievements in the future, bringing new vitality and energy to the virtual reality industry. See you soon at the Thailand IAAPA expo in May!

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