In recent days, a new VR experience store opening in IASI, Romania. The well-known VR device supplier FuninVR has collaborated with Romanian client to provide a large quantity of VR arcade machines and a 5D motion cinema, creating a powerful array of devices that not only meet the local market’s needs but also offer visitors to the IASI mall a highly creative and infinitely imaginative entertainment destination.

Most importantly, the geographical advantage of the IASI shopping mall has further elevated the appeal of this Virtual Reality zone. As a comprehensive venue combining shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities, the mall attracts a large number of customers. The establishment of the VR fun park will undoubtedly significantly increase foot traffic at the mall, bringing more business opportunities to the merchants.

And the integration of modern technology and gaming experience is a highlight of FuninVR’s collaboration. Through VR game simulators, players can immerse themselves in a virtual world and enjoy thrilling gaming experiences to the fullest. The 5D movie theater takes the film viewing experience to a new level by creating immersive effects that make the audience feel like they are experiencing real-life situations such as wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.

Because of the fusion of modern technology and entertainment, the rise of VR amusement parks not only introduces a new entertainment option for the local population but also provides the mall with additional value-added services. It has been reported that the business has been thriving since the opening of the VR amusement park. It not only offers a novel entertainment choice for local residents but also attracts a large number of tourists to experience it.

In the future, we can expect to see more VR parks like this one, offering us more thrilling and immersive entertainment experiences. Let’s look forward to the endless surprises that VR funlands will bring us! Lastly, don’t forget to feel free to contact us for more information on VR entertainment!


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