It looks cool! I wanna try this”

“This is what I want to play!”

We always see many children/young people standing in the FuninVR experience hall full of cool technology on weekends or holidays, and they can’t wait to explore the mysteries of VR!

Every Era has its own popular places to play. For example, the game arcade was extremely popular in post-80s and post-90s . Today, the rapid development of the Internet technology era has brought us into the world of the Metaverse. The offline VR experience hall may becoming the “preferred place” for post-00s and post-10s to have fun.

As early as 2015, when the VR industry was booming, the offline VR experience hall was opened, and it was once considered to be the easiest way to realize cash flow in the VR industry. According to the offline VR market research report data released by the market analysis organization Greenlight Insights, the number of offline VR global experience halls will increase to 24,500+ in 2023.

The development of the VR offline experience hall project has also allowed many entrepreneurs to see the opportunity to realize profits. Different from other entertainment projects, FuninVR offline theme park project does not require you to have a large venue, and it is not limited to Alpha cities. As long as you know what you want, and know what you can get after cooperation with VR, which will continue to create gratifying income and bonuses for you!

There are many VR offline theme park projects available on the market today, and it is particularly important to choose a high-quality VR manufacturer. What is the secret of a hot customer flow in the market? To explore the essence behind it is nothing more than professional products, excellent service and good operation! Only by achieving the above three points can we truly achieve sustainable profitability.

Most of the VR brands on the market are only deeply involved in the agreement site selection, experience hall design, decoration and other links, unlike FuninVR, which also provides post-operational support. Many franchisees can’t figure out what the operating model of the VR offline theme park can produce good benefits, and they will lose the opportunity to seize the market economy!

If there is a professional VR brand that can provide corresponding professional operation guidance and help offline VR stores attract traffic and generate revenue, it will not be a problem to attract more customers and increase the rate of repeat experience! Looking carefully at the market, the leading brand in the domestic VR industry, “FuninVR”, has achieved this. It not only assisted the project from 0 to 1, but also set up its own dedicated operation team, and directly sent professional operation officers with many years of operation management experience to the door. Help lead the store and continue to help the store improve its performance! 

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