9D VR Game Machine Supplies and solution provider VR theme parks and attractions use virtual reality technology to provide tourists with a unique and thrilling experience,which began utilizing virtual reality technology with existing roller coasters, racing and drop towers. The integration of VR technology to existing attractions proved to be a less expensive way for theme parks to entice thrill-seekers to visit their venues. However, other theme parks decided to implement VR technology as stand-alone attractions. Ninjapark in Belgium open a VR amusement park called NINJA PARK that enables multiple players to work together or play single, players could experience racing theme,rollar coaster, shooting game here. Players are given a VR helmet, headphones and laser gun to explore a steampunk-themed world and gain points by shooting robot enemies. At the same time, players can also enjoy the thrill of speed galloping here and no need to worry about hypervelocity. Use VR motorcycles to release your emotions and scream wildly, and experience racing like never before. Different game tracks have different challenges, just conquer it in the 9D VR game! What their supplier, FuninVR, Supplies 9D VR Game Machine we developed many kinds of games with the goal of providing new attractions to visitors and driving sales.
Name 9D VR Game Machine Supplies and solution provider
Brand Zhuoyuan (FuninVR)
Color Blue with Blue
Rated power 0.7kw
Input voltage 220V
Specifications   2.18*0.86*2.027m
Weight 150kg
Helmet DPVR E3
Warranty 1 year warranty
What will FuninVR provide to you? Let me talk to you. 1.Not only we provide customers with equipment but also provide customers with a full set of services. We will also provide customers with one-stop service. After the customer confirms the site, we will provide CAD, 3D design drawings, site layout drawings, etc., without the customer considering how to place the equipment and whether the site space is sufficient, we There are dedicated designers who do these things until customers are satisfied 2.Of course more than that, we have a dedicated foreign after-sales service, so we can provide 7 times 24 hours after-sales service, so that equipment problems will be solved in time not affected by jet lag, and we can help customers handle problems remotely so as not to affect business. 3.How to make your business better? If you are worry about this,please feel free to let us know. Our operation department will let customers know more about the market and operation skills, and open operation trainings twice in every year to allow more VR businessman to exchange business experience. 4.What if you subsequently spend too much time and money on maintaining the equipment? We use is crank system,which has less wearing parts and simple structure,customer just need to lubricate regularly to ensure that device could work normal. 5.What if you don’t know how to make plan for festival or holiday? We will provide you with poster design, event planning content, not only that, we will provide you with receipt design and promotion plan, allowing you to quickly occupy market share and have more customer groups.

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