The swift advancements in VR technology have enabled us to immerse ourselves in a virtual realm, experiencing a wide range of real-world adventures and pleasures. One of our cases from Saudi Arabia, a leisure game room stands as a thrilling hub tailored specifically for this purpose. Serving as a complimentary entertainment destination for residents, it has emerged as a fresh avenue for community engagement and relaxation.

There are many VR equipment added into this game zone, each chosen specifically to offer highly immersive gaming experiences. Among them is VR Racing Moto, which allows players to feel the thrill of high-speed motorcycle racing. Another one is Vibrating VR, enhancing immersion with vibration feedback to make virtual experiences feel more lifelike. In addition, VR Fighter Aircraft places players in fighter jets for intense aerial combat scenarios within virtual skies.

The VR Treadmill introduces a novel virtual exercise experience, enabling players to navigate virtual environments freely. On the other hand, the Star Twin Seat VR provides an ideal platform for shared experiences with friends or family, featuring a dual-seat setup where everyone can enjoy the thrills and excitement of the games together.

Apart from the main VR arcade game machines, the venue features interactive devices such as the AR Interactive Room and Happy Ball. The AR Interactive Room seamlessly blends virtual elements with the real environment using augmented reality technology, offering engaging interactive experiences. Besides, Happy Ball provides recreational fun suitable for all ages, offering joyful moments with straightforward game rules and enjoyable gameplay content.

All in all, this gaming center showcases the boundless potential of virtual reality technology and offers new ideas and opportunities for community development and resident interaction. It is hoped that in the near future, more communities can adopt this model, bringing VR technology to a broader audience and giving more people the chance to experience this exciting form of technological entertainment. Last but no least, if you also want to know more about VR gaming, please contact us anytime!



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